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Winter Water Damage Repair & Restoration

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Dealing with water damage in your home or office is always a hassle, but it’s even more challenging during the winter months due to the difficulty of drying and repairing your property in cold and harsh weather conditions.

In winter, water damage can occur in various ways, such as pipe leaks and structural damage. No matter the issue you’re facing, Express Water Damage Restoration is here to help. We are a professional, licensed, and local contractor specializing in water, storm, fire restoration, and construction. We offer winter water damage restoration services in Austin, Texas; Phoenix, Arizona; Honolulu, Hawaii; and throughout our locations served.

Since 1976, Express Water Damage Restoration has been the industry leader in local restoration services. When you need assistance in preventing winter water damage, call 817-203-2944 or click here to schedule an appointment today!

Addressing Different Types of Winter Water Damage


  • Frozen Pipes: During winter, the formation of ice inside a water supply line can increase internal pressure and cause the pipe to rupture, resulting in the release of large amounts of water. Extreme cold can also cause water flow to stop altogether.
  • Roof Damage from Ice Dams: Your roof is the part of your house that faces the harshest winter conditions and provides the most protection. The accumulation of snow and ice on the roof can become heavy and put significant pressure on the structure. This can lead to sagging, holes, or even roof collapse, especially for older roofs.
  • Flooding: Any form of precipitation, whether it’s rain or snow, can potentially result in flooding in your home or business. Rapid snowmelt during warmer periods or heavy rainfall towards the end of winter can overwhelm the area’s capacity to handle runoff, causing the excess water to enter your property. It’s crucial to have professional assistance in cleaning up and restoring water damage caused by such flooding.

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    Our Services for Restoring Water Damage

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    When your home or business has experienced water damage during winter, contact the professionals at Express Water Damage Restoration ASAP to minimize the loss. We have emergency crews available 24/7/365 to assist customers in the locations we serve, including Los Angeles, California; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Phoenix, Arizona; Thousand Oaks, California; San Jose, Californiaor one of our other locations served. To find out more, call us today at 817-203-2944 or click here to schedule an appointment!

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    We recognize the impact this has on you and your family, and we will help you with compassion and as little interruption to your regular routine as possible. Express Water Damage Restoration can be depended on to attend to your water damage emergency swiftly and attentively, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and to recover your property as professionally as possible.

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