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The STARC® Modular Wall System

While renovating a section of your commercial property is beneficial for your brand, it can cause significant inconvenience to your business. Even as construction is underway, you still need to continue working, and it can be challenging to complete your tasks with the constant noise in the background. Moreover, the dirt and dust from the renovation process can mix with your goods, hardware, and electronics.

During this period, your business’s productivity may come to a halt. Fortunately, the STARC® Modular Wall offers a simple solution.Contact Express Water Damage Restoration today, and we can deliver and install it for you.

The Advantages of the STARC® Modular Wall

The STARC® Modular Wall is an exceptional containment system specifically designed for commercial, industrial, and institutional construction settings. It consists of panels and modules that are easy to install, relocate, dismantle, and clean. This modular wall offers maximum flexibility for various isolated situations and effectively manages challenging sealing problems. Furthermore, it is an environmentally friendly, sustainable solution.

Product Features

The STARC® Modular Wall stands apart from other containment systems. Not only is the system’s height adjustable from 6’10” to 10’3″, but it also possesses the following features:

    • Complete area encapsulation

    • Easy installation and maintenance

    • Adheres to uneven flooring and ceiling

    • Optional removable custom graphics

    • Urethane foam core reduces sound transmission

    • Clean and durable anodized aluminum frame

    • High-strength construction ensures stability and prevents twisting

    • Provides an airtight seal and barrier against harmful particles and contaminants

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Maintain Focus and Safety with a STARC® Modular Wall

Create an Environment that Promotes Health, Cleanliness, and Safety with Dalworth

If you wish to have the STARC® Modular Wall system installed prior to commencing any renovation project, simply contact us at 888-778-9693. Our team of fully licensed and certified technicians will be delighted to handle the installation for you. Once the project is completed, you can also rely on us to dismantle the system. Our skilled professionals ensure the system remains secure and performs at its best.

In the event that your property has suffered from a disaster, Dalworth offers dependable restoration services for water, fire, and storm and flood damaged properties. Our emergency services are available 24/7, ensuring you can reach us at any time.

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