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Water Damage and Disaster Clean-up in Schools

Flooding can have significant impacts on a community if it affects a local  school or university. Water damage can destroy property and create health hazards, hindering the development of students if not addressed by a professional water damage restoration company within 24-48 hours to prevent mold damage.

Express Water Damage Restoration is the top choice for immediate restoration and recovery after a major water intrusion incident on your campus. We possess the expertise, experienced water damage specialists, and advanced drying equipment for water cleanup, water removal, and restoring normal school operations.

The Impact of Water Damage on Schools

Water damage extends beyond water seeping into classrooms and disrupting regular academic activities. If your school has recently experienced flooding, watch out for the following signs of water damage:


  • A Musty Smell – Water intrusion can leave behind a persistent musty smell even after the water subsides. This odor is caused by microbial growth triggered by the water, making it difficult to eliminate. It can be highly distracting for both students and educators who have to conduct classes in affected areas.
  • Destruction of Educational Materials – Books, computers, projectors, and other educational materials are vulnerable to water damage and can become useless within minutes of being submerged in floodwater.
  • Destruction of Furniture – Water can weaken wooden chairs and tables beyond their normal state. Excessive water exposure causes wood to flake, blister, and become brittle, reducing their lifespan and incurring unnecessary costs for school administrators and local government units.
  • Food and Water Contamination – If floodwater reaches your school’s cafeteria or contaminates water supply pipelines connected to water fountains, it poses a serious health hazard on campus. Floodwater carries numerous harmful microbes that can make students sick.
  • Mold Infestation  Mold is a common but potentially hazardous fungus that thrives in damp conditions. After a flood, it is common to observe mold colonies forming on floors and walls. Skin contact and inhalation of mold spores can lead to various health issues, ranging from minor irritations to neurotoxicity and even cancer.
  • Fire and Electric Hazards – When floodwater comes into contact with power outlets and exposed wiring, it can carry a strong electrical current that can be fatal to individuals. Water can also cause electrical infrastructure to short circuit and ignite a fire. If you detect water intrusion in your educational facility, immediately request school authorities to switch off the power.

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    What to Do in the Event of School Flooding

    When your school campus experiences flooding, it is crucial to prioritize student safety and minimize water damage. Dealing with such a disaster involves multiple steps. Here are some simple tips that can make a positive difference during this difficult situation:

    • Notify the School Maintenance Staff – The school’s maintenance staff members are trained to handle emergencies involving school facilities and infrastructure. Promptly alerting them will allow them to implement proper safety measures and deploy solutions to contain the situation.
    • Evacuate Students in Affected Areas – If flooding occurs during classes, calmly guide students to a safer location. Ensure that everyone is accounted for and have them walk in an orderly manner towards safety.
    • Turn off the Power – If you know the location of the main electrical switch and it is not in a flooded area, proceed to shut off the power. This eliminates the risk of electrocution and electrical fires.
    • Identify the Water Source – If the flooding is not caused by a natural disaster and originated near your vicinity, try to determine the source of the water. It could be a burst pipe, an overflowing toilet, or a leaking water heater. Share this information with the school maintenance staff to provide them with a head start.
    • Call Express Water Damage Restoration – Addressing a flooded school involves more than just stopping the flow of water and extracting it. Dehumidification, disinfection, repair, and restoration are all part of the process. We possess the expertise to restore the flooded areas of your school back to their pre-disaster conditions. We are also knowledgeable in restoring water-damaged content and bringing it back to life , including books, furniture, appliances, and more.

    Get in touch with Express Water Damage Restoration today for water removal and water damage restoration services to restore your school to its pre-loss condition. Our professional staff is available 24/7 to take your call, and we can promptly dispatch our water damage restoration crew to your property.

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