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Express Water Damage Restoration employs specialized techniques, such as vacuum freeze-drying, to restore electronics and metal contents affected by water, smoke, and metal corrosion. These freeze-drying methods are highly effective and safe for recovering damaged items. Visit their website here.

Restoration of Electronic Contents

  • Electronics
  • Computers
  • Magnetic & Electronic Media
  • Televisions & Appliances

When transporting your items to our climate-controlled contents restoration facility, our technicians will ensure their security and protection. Your contents will be stored and returned to your property once the restoration job is complete. To initiate the contents restoration process, contact us at 817-203-2944.

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Method for Cleaning & Restoring ElectronicsExpress Water Damage Restoration, serving the United States, specializes in restoring electronics for both commercial and residential customers. Their expert contents restoration services employ the vacuum freeze-drying method. Additionally, they utilize various other specialized cleaning and contents restoration methods to restore upholstery, wood furniture, documents, appliances, and everyday household items.

The Vacuum Freeze-Drying MethodThe vacuum freeze-drying method is a highly effective and safe technique for preserving and restoring water-damaged items, including electronic components, electrical systems, as well as large quantities of wet documents, books, records, and coated paper. This efficient method achieves content drying through sublimation under vacuum.

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    Advantages of Vacuum Freeze-Drying Technique

    • Gentle preservation of contents at low temperatures
    • Revitalizes electronic components
    • Prevents metal corrosion
    • Efficient drying of items with large surface areas
    • Restores electronics at a fraction of the cost of replacement

    The vacuum freeze-drying method offers a gentle approach to drying by freezing the items completely and then reducing the surrounding pressure using advanced equipment. This process allows the frozen water in the contents to transition from solid to gas without passing through the liquid phase, unlike regular drying methods. By preventing direct evaporation from solid to vapor, this technique avoids further damage and helps restore electronic components at a significantly lower cost compared to replacement. The average drying time is 1-2 weeks.

    Climate-Controlled Storage – Express Water Damage Restoration ensures complete restoration of your contents and provides climate-controlled storage at our contents restoration facility. We store your belongings in this facility until the on-site restoration job is finished or when you’re ready to have your contents returned to your residential or commercial property. Check our locations served for more information. Contact us for comprehensive restoration, recovery, and cleaning solutions for your electronic equipment and electrical systems. We’ll send a technician to your property for inspection and estimation.

    Contents Damage Inspection & Estimates – During our inspection process, our technicians evaluate your contents to estimate the repair cost or replacement value for each item. We strive to restore your belongings from water, fire, and smoke damage. Throughout the process, we collaborate with your insurance adjuster to prepare an estimate and negotiate a price for our contents restoration services. We directly bill your insurance company, allowing you to focus on your regular activities.

    If you reside in Los Angeles, California; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Phoenix, Arizona; Dallas, Texas; or one of our other locations served, contact us to initiate the contents damage restoration process. We’ll schedule a technician to visit your location for an on-site inspection and estimation.


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    We recognize the impact this has on you and your family, and we will help you with compassion and as little interruption to your regular routine as possible. Express Water Damage Restoration can be depended on to attend to your water damage emergency swiftly and attentively, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and to recover your property as professionally as possible.

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