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Identifying Water Damage Types

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Express Water Damage Restoration provides a comprehensive range of services for water damage restoration, which are an integral part of our water damage restoration process. These services aim to promptly clean up and eliminate water to prevent secondary mold damage and structural damage.

Steps 1-4: Water Damage Classification

  1. Water Damage Inspection
  2. Water Sanitary Categorization
  3. Water Damage Classification
  4. Structural and Contents Drying

Express Water Damage Restoration conducts an inspection, determines the most suitable water cleanup method, and provides a service estimate. Additionally, we collaborate directly with your insurance company to facilitate billing for our restoration services.

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    Water Sanitary Classification

    Express Water Damage Restoration determines its water cleanup approach based on the sanitary classification of the water being extracted. Water is divided into three categories of water damage: Sanitary Water, Unsanitary Water, and Grossly Unsanitary Water:

    Category 1 Sanitary Water: This type of water is relatively clean and does not pose an immediate health or biochemical risk. It includes water from burst water heaters, leaking pipes, and rainwater.

    Category 2 Unsanitary Water: This water contains contaminants that can affect people’s health. Examples include water from dishwasher overflows, kitchen sink overflows, and used water from washing machines.

    Category 3 Grossly Unsanitary Water: This type of water poses a health hazard, and contact with it can be harmful and even deadly. It includes water from toilet overflows, raw sewage, some contaminated floodwaters, and seawater.

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