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Black Mold Remediation 

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The term “toxic black mold,” as defined by the >Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is commonly used to describe mold that produces mycotoxins or toxic substances. Black mold remediation involves repairing the damage caused by black mold and restoring the property to its original state before mold growth. An environmental agency is responsible for conducting a mold assessment, and a mold remediation company can then provide mold cleanup services. For mold cleanup repairs, contact Express Water Damage Restoration. We will dispatch a licensed and experienced project manager, authorized by the State of Colorado, to guide you through the entire process—from obtaining a protocol to signing the certificate of completion.
  • Certified Technicians from Clean Trust
  • Over 40 Years of Experience in Water Damage Mitigation
  • Licensed and Insured in the State of Colorado
  • Water Damage Restoration Services Performed to ANSI/IICRC S500 Standards
  • Infrared Testing to Identify Hidden Damage
  • Drying Equipment for Comprehensive Water Damage Restoration

Mold & Water Damage: Take Swift Action, Act Immediately

Express Water Damage Restoration strongly advises initiating the drying process promptly, within 24-48 hours after flooding, water leaks, or water damage, to prevent the growth of mold. Taking immediate action in the water mitigation process is crucial for policyholders to minimize secondary damages, including mold and structural damage. According to the EPA, it is essential to dry water-damaged areas and contents within the first 24 hours to prevent mold growth.

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Preventing the Growth of Black Mold

Avoiding the growth of black mold in your home or business can save you from the difficulties and costs of its removal. Here are some preventive measures:

  • Regularly check for water leaks in all areas of your home/business and inspect your appliances for any signs of leaks.
  • Ensure that household/office furnishings and personal belongings remain dry.
  • Promptly dry any wet contents and personal items within 24 hours to prevent mold growth.
  • Maintain regular cleaning and repairs in your home.
  • If you discover any water leaks, get in touch with us to dry the affected area and seek guidance on necessary repairs.

Controlling moisture and humidity levels at around 50-55 percent can effectively prevent the occurrence of black mold. In the event of accidental water damage or flooding, don’t hesitate to contact Express Water Damage Restoration for immediate drying services, minimizing water and black mold damage, as well as the costs associated with cleanup and repairs.

Contact Express Water Damage Restoration as soon as you notice water leaks, mold damage, or water damage.


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