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Recognizing the Signs of Water Damage

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Reducing water damage and associated costs for property cleanup, repair, and restoration can be achieved by identifying signs of water leaks and damage in your residential or commercial property. Get in touch with Express Water Damage Restoration today to schedule an inspection and prevent costly water damage repairs. Explore the list of water damage warning signs below to safeguard your residential or commercial property.


Reasons to Choose Express Water Damage Restoration

While regular property maintenance can help prevent some water damage, professional water damage restoration services are essential for dealing with flooding and natural disasters. Call us at 817-203-2944 for water, flood, and storm damage cleanup. Our IICRC Certified Restoration Crews are available 24/7 to handle emergency water damage situations.

  • BBB Accredited Business
  • Certified Technicians from Clean Trust
  • Nearly 40 Years of Experience in Water Damage Mitigation
  • Licensed and Insured in the State of Colorado
  • State-Of-The-Art Drying Equipment
  • Compliance with ANSI/IICRC S500-Standard for Water Damage Restoration

Process for Water Damage Restoration

As part of our water damage restoration process, Express Water Damage Restoration offers comprehensive water damage restoration services to promptly clean up and remove water, preventing secondary mold damage and structural damage.

We offer a FREE inspection, determine the most suitable water cleanup method, and provide a service estimate. Additionally, we collaborate directly with your insurance company to handle billing for our services. Contact Express Water Damage Restoration today to dispatch our water damage restoration team to your property in our service areas.


Indicators of Water Damage

Identifying these signs of water damage is a crucial initial step in preventing costly repairs for structural property damage and mold growth.

  1. Water Damage and Wet Carpet: If you observe wet spots on your carpet, it could indicate water damage from a broken pipe, a spill, or a pet accident. Wet carpets and rugs can often be restored, but prompt action is crucial to avoid permanent damage. Failure to professionally extract water from carpets and rugs may result in floor damage and mold growth. 
  2. Water Damage and Wood Floors: Wood flooring is sensitive to spills and drips as it absorbs water and tends to swell and warp. If you notice any distortions in your wood floor, water damage may be the cause.

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    1. Kitchen: Water damage disasters are more likely to occur in kitchens due to potential overflow, leaks, or malfunctions of dishwashers, refrigerators, and sinks. It is important to regularly check these appliances for puddles or drips. Contact Dalworth for our Drain & Sink Overflow Cleanup Services.

    4, Appliance Overflow: If a malfunctioning appliance causes water spills or other accidents, attending to the water damage repair promptly can be quick and relatively inexpensive before it affects surrounding areas. Contact us for our Appliance Leak Cleanup Services.

    1. Bathroom: The bathroom is susceptible to various water damage scenarios, including spills from the toilet, bathtub, shower, and sink. Regularly inspect the plumbing systems to identify potential water problems before they turn into emergencies. Contact us for our Toilet Overflow Cleanup and Shower & Tub Overflow Cleanup services.
    2. Water Damage and Frozen, Broken Pipes: When the winter temperature rises and frozen water thaws in the pipes, check for leaks caused by broken or cracked pipes. Replace or repair frozen, broken, or leaking pipes immediately to prevent further water damage. Contact Dalworth for our Burst & Frozen Pipe Overflow Repair services.
    3. Water Heater Burst: A water heater leaking from the top of the tank usually indicates a malfunctioning fitting or plumbing part. In most cases, the water heater can be repaired, and the overflow can be cleaned up by our expert technicians. If your water heater has caused flooding in your home, water heater overflow cleanup is necessary, and water damage repair may also be required.
    4. Water Damage Stains: Stains on walls, ceilings, wood floors, carpets, doors, and windows are signs of water damage and leaks. Some leaks may require a property inspection by our professional technicians to identify the source of water damage. In addition to stains, water damage is indicated by warped, swollen, and damaged structures and building materials. Contact Us for Complete Structural Restoration Services.
    5. Water Damage and Mold: Water damage can lead to musty odors and the growth of mold, which can cause significant damage. Once the certified mold removal specialists at Express Water Damage Restoration complete the mold remediation and removal process, your property will be safe.
    6. Water Damage Restoration and Repair: When water damages become unmanageable and require professional assistance, water damage restoration companies come to the rescue. They remove the water, dry the affected area, clean up debris, and restore the structure to its pre-loss condition.  

    Contact Express Water Damage Restoration for water damage and fire damage services in locations served. We serve Las Vegas, Nevada; Orlando, Florida; Thousand Oaks, California; and cities in the surrounding area. Our restoration specialists are available to take your call at 817-203-2944.

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